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Hello my beautiful friends and family, today I will discuss with you some of the activities, objects, sights, and social activities among other things, that really makes me happy and delighted. I sat with some of my friends to discuss some of the aspects that opened my eye and reminded me of some of the wellness acts that I do that help me keep going and enjoy myself especially in times of hard work and stress.

To start off, I want to mention two objects that satisfy me and makes me happy and enjoy my time. Firstly, cars are really satisfying to me and just sitting down and reading or discussing some of the cars aspects like horsepower and its top speed is very interesting to me and I find happiness in these discussion. The research I do and the talks I have with my friends are both enjoyable and informative because I learn some aspects about the cars as well, making me more knowledgable.

Look how majestic this Mclaren is!

Secondly, a football is also another object that is very satisfying to me, especially when it’s design is appealing and colorful like the footballs made for the Uefa champions league and FIFA world cup! I really enjoy eye catching objects and footballs have this beautiful texture and design that I enjoy and feel satisfied whenever I see one.

Secondly, I wanted to share with you a sight that makes me feel relaxed and I always long to go to this sight . Also, I like to watch the beautiful world and how amazing and great god’s creations are and how artistic the world is, and this sight is beach with the golden sand and blue above me and in front of me in the sky and the ocean. In addition, having birds of different colors flying and decorating the emptiness between the sea and the sky is also eye-opening, keeping me in awe of the almighty’s beautiful creations.

I like to caption this picture as “the three musketeers”.

Moving on, a sound that really makes me feel relaxed, calm, and sound is the sound of air and water mix, which is called “white noise” in which one can feel the serenity and imagine happy places. I listen to the sound on the beach on a windy day, where the wind moves the waves making them crash on one another, creating this mesmerizing sound. Also, even on a rainy day, listening to water droplets hitting the ground and windows, and having a small air current is very relaxing and delightful to me. Nowadays, I listen to white noise when I go to bed after reciting some Qur’an because it really helps me feel relaxed and calm, making me fall asleep easier and even have a goodnight sleep.

Thirdly, I wanted to share something that I found very interesting and really makes me happy, even when it is very simple. A smell that really makes me feel happy and delighted is a candle that I have at my home, that has a beautiful scent, which is a mix of pineapple and mango. I really love both fruits and their scent mixed together is nothing but beautiful. Whenever I open the window and some air flows into the room and hits the candle, an amazing scent just fills up the room making me feel happy and delighted with this scent, something that is very simple yet makes me ecstatic and calm.

This is the candle that I have, White Barn. Absolutely great scent!

Moving on, a quote that is really drives me to do my best and work hard because it motivates me and makes me realize that I can achieve great things with the correct mindset. The quote is ” don’t count the days, make the days count” and this really is motivating because I used to think about how many days it will take me to finish a task or learn something new. On the contrary, I don’t have this mindset now and I approach tasks and learning objectives now differently. I try to work hard and finish things as soon as possible in order to have more days to work and achieve better things with the knowledge that I gained, making the days count. I really try to work as hard as possible and to feel appreciated and having an impact is something that I really enjoy and it makes me very happy and take pride in myself.

Furthermore, I want to share with you my beautiful friends two practices that make me feel happy, and calm by taking away all the negative energy and diverting my attention away from any problems. One is mental and the other is physical, and both activities are essential for my well-being. Firstly, the mental activity of praying and feeling close to god is very calming and relaxing, making me feel whole and concentrated on what I want to do and achieve in my life. I feel that I do my required tasks both in religion and major/life and as you know my friends that I really enjoy getting my tasks done and feeling free to do whatever I want is a great feeling that many of you understand when they finish a lot of tasks.

On the other hand, the physical activity of playing football with my friends because I really love the game of the people, the beautiful game, or simply football. I really enjoy doing physical activities because they improve my overall health, well being, and mental state. I just forget about everything else and focus completely on the sport and enjoying my time is something that I long for in order to feel in my bubble or in my space.

Late night football matches at AUC are amazing!

In addition, I wanted to share another incident that really improved my well-being, especially that something recently happened that delighted me. Sadly, I had a fight with some of my friends due to a misunderstanding on all sides and this really made me feel angry and upset at the time. We literally stopped talking as if we’re all strangers, something that made me feel like we’re little kids. One day, a common friend of ours managed a hang out to watch a match together and we all discussed the argument and we all talked and worked it out. Now we are all okay with each other once again and this made me happy and relaxed because I don’t like to for anyone, especially my friends, to hold a grudge against me.

Moving on, one social activity that I really enjoy and love is traveling with my friends in a car and go to North coast and enjoy our times there. I really love traveling in a car with friends because it makes us bond even more and it creates great vibes when we put on a song and all of us jam to it and sing along with one another. I really love feeling attached and belonging to a group with my close friends and also I enjoy going to the beach as I mentioned before. I really love the beach because I was born and grew up in Alexandria, and for me and everyone in Alexandria, the sea is just our lives. We are always surrounded by the sea and no matter where you go, you will smell and hear the sound of the sea and especially cruising on the beach with a car is one of the best feeling that I ever felt. Therefore, a social activity that I really love is just having a long ride with friends and putting on songs, singing along, and just having a good vibe and good memories.

Finally, I wanted to mention two youtube channels that makes me enjoy my spare time and feel happy whenever I am bored, making my mental wellbeing better. The first channel is called the sidemen, which is a group consisting of 7 English males that met early in 2012 and decided to create a digital group that is one of the biggest group channels on youtube today! I really enjoy watching their videos because they are fun and they are not that older than me, their age spans from 27 to 30 years and therefore, they do a lot of activities that I find very fun like playing football or going to aqua parks. They also have a great sense of humor, so not only do I enjoy their content, they also make me laugh in almost all their videos making me happy and stress-free. In addition, I also love basketball and especially the NBA playoffs games that is held every season. The best teams of both the eastern and the western conferences play each other in order to decide which team is the best of the best. The games are very heated and competitive and the players pull off some amazing plays that I find amazing which in return makes me excited, but the main problem is the time difference between the United States and here in Egypt, which is 7 hours. The games come live in Egypt very late at night like 3-4 A.M and I have to sleep in order to focus in my studies and college and therefore I can’t watch the game live. Hence, there is a basketball channel, called FreeDawkins, that summarizes the game and place the best highlights of the game in a video, so I watch them and feel like I watched the match and this makes me feel happy and attached to the game even though the time difference is hard.

All in all, I wanted to share with you some the aspects that really makes me happy and improves my wellbeing both physically and mentally my beautiful people. I hope that you all enjoyed reading about me even more and getting to know me further. Please feel free to ask me any questions and tell me what similarities or differences do we have in terms of what makes you feel happy, satisfied, calm, whole, relaxed, and what differences do we have. I am waiting to read all of your comments and I can’t wait to get to know you further my friends!


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